DR and Business Continuity

DR and Business Continuity

Do you have disaster recovery plan in place for your business? Do you know what your next step is when your office is flooded? If you have not had a disaster recovery plan for your business, it is time to plan one.

Most businesses do not realize that the cost of having offsite backup facilities is less than the loss they have to put up with after they lose all their critical business information due to unrecoverable data from their local computer.

This is a major mistake, they realized after the fact. Please keep in mind it is not only natural disaster which can cripple your business. There is a high chance that your business computer system can be affected by fire, computer theft, damage from internal sprinklers, and denial of service attacks.

We at Motionwave can assist you in taking the first step of your Disaster Recovery(DR) plan. That is to keep your system backup offsite in our multiple secured data centre locations.We offer the following cloud backup benefits:

1. Flexible Monthly Licensing

We give ability to our customers to use monthly backup license. They can terminate the service by giving us 30 day notice.

2. Local Australia Data Center

Replicating full system images on slower Internet connections without hard drive seeding can take quite some time. In these situations you may choose to send us a hard drive through postal mail and we’ll seed-load it directly onto our distributed storage network.Once the base image is loaded the incremental backups (which are generally much smaller) will transfer fine across the Internet at the specified replication time. Even systems with low upstream bandwidth such as ADSL run fine using this method.

3. Emergency Restore

This is the most important part of doing a backup – restore process. We provide the following ways to recover system backup images in the event of a major failure:
1. Download images from the secure portal
2. Request a hard drive to be posted to you and it will be express delivered
3. Request a hard drive to be prepared so that you can pickup from our office
We always put emergency restores at the highest priority so you can be assured that you’ll get your clients data back as quick as possible.


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